Alitura naturals clay mask

In this age and time, skin care is an essential part of personal grooming and Alitura clay mask should be a part of this process. With various options available in the market, it is quite hard to find the best one suit able for your needs and ensuring the least amount of damage to your skin. For this very reason, Skin Body Beautiful came up with the this Clay Mask. The idea behind Skin Body Beautiful is that the purity and care of the body is just as important as that of skin. A healthy body helps give way to a healthy life.

Alitura clay mask review is written by keeping this mission statement in mind, the brand is introduced to the market which serves two purposes. It cleanses the body by removing any kind of impurities while brightening up the skin at the same time.  It has the benefits of nine healthy ingredients that unclog pores and illuminate the skin.

Alitura Clay Mask Directions

There are two easy ways of making this mask:

  • Mix it in Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Make it in Water

Then, simply apply it on your skin and remove with water or wet wipes after 15 minutes.

Benefits of Alitura Naturals Clay Mask 

  • It is extremely efficient in it’s functioning.
  • It works fast in just a period of 7 days.
  • It is completely natural with no harmful chemicals as ingredients.
  • It rids the skin of acne.
  • It has exfoliating properties.
  • It nourishes body and skin, equally.

If you use Alitura Clay Mask Directions properly the results are better. It is a remarkable product which purifies the skin completely without harming it.  This facial treatment is a composition of nine unique and natural ingredients. The detoxifying properties of these ingredients remove impurities and give the uses a clear and beautiful skin. it is a good clay mask for oily skin Being suitable for all skin problems from dullness to acne, this clay mask is the most efficient product out in the market.

Exfoliating Properties

With ingredients aimed at healing the body, this clay mask exfoliates skin and gets rid of ay dead cells, this property makes it a good choice if you are looking for clay mask for open pores. It stimulates blood flow to the skin which makes the skin give out a radiant glow and appear fresh as a flower. The major factor due to which your skin may appear dull or may lack sheen is due to presence of dead cells. To eradicate this issue, the Alitura naturals clay mask exfoliates your skin getting rid of the dead cells and also promotes the growth of new cells to give birth to new skin.

Alitura Clay Mask

Alitura Clay Mask ingredients

Clay Mask formulation contains nine nutritional and healthy ingredients with Ascorbic acid being the most efficient one. This clay mask is a bowl full of healthy power-rich foods on your face. All these ingredients have their own exclusive properties and benefits.

Benefits of Ascorbic Acid

Ascorbic acid has:

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Supports the skin

Ascorbic acid or more commonly known as Vitamin C has amazing anti-oxidant properties. This acid is pretty helpful in removing any impurities or toxins from the body. It has some beneficial effects on skin by being an important component of collages that is present in skin for support and strength. Additionally, Ascorbic acid also protects the skin from ultra violet damage. Furthermore, it helps to cure any photo damage cause by the harmful rays of the Sun.

American Ginseng

Along with Vitamin C, this clay mask also has American Ginseng which is rejuvenating plant. The roots and leaves of this plant have antioxidant properties that help purify the skin.

  • They act as anti-aging agent ensuring longevity and youth of the skin by brightening up the skin and toning it. Your skin will not get wrinkled quickly nor will it get saggy so it will help if you are looking for clay mask for dry skin.
  • Colostrum is also an anti-aging agent that is one of the most powerful super foods for your skin. You skin will age elegantly and at a slower rate.
  • By removing scars, acne and blemishes, this ingredient makes the skin spotless.
  • This colostrum coms from grass fed cows making it absolutely natural and free of any harmful chemicals that may harm your skin.

Alitura Clay Mask

Benefits of Pearl PowderClay mask formulation

The Alitura Clay mask is filled with nutritional and skin benefits of pearl powder which is a mandatory ingredient for clear and glowing skin.

It supports skin health since it has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to rid the body of any toxins or impurities. Superoxide dismutase is one of the strongest and most efficient antioxidant enzymes in the body. Clay powder aids this enzyme in working more efficiently.

Further making this clay mask more effective is the Organic kelp powder, most often called seaweed powder. This skin super food is a rich source of Vitamin E and Vitamin B12. Since Vitamin B12 is not found in land plants, it is not readily supplied to your skin in your daily diet. This clay mask is a great way of fulfilling the deficiency of Vitamin b12 in your body and skin. It contains:

  • Potassium which hydrates the body and skin resulting in the skin looking radiant.
  • Niacin in Alitura naturals clay mask helps remove any facial scars and ultimately brightens skin complexion. If there are any scars from previous bruises or popped pimples, Niacin removes them.
  • For youthful skin, the mask has Choline that reduces concentration of oil on the skin and soothes skin irritation.
Additional Natural Clays in the Mask

Moreover, Alitura Skin mask itself is made up of a number of natural clays all aimed at making your body and skin healthy. Since the skin is quite a delicate part of the body, it is absolutely imperative to have skin care products without any harmful chemicals to ensure that the skin remains smooth and unharmed. This skin mask contains:

  • Rhassoul Clay: which is nutrient-rich natural clay. Containing Magnesium, silica, potassium and calcium, this clay is ideal for providing essential minerals to the skin. It is effective against skin problems like dirt and oil, making it efficient in removing any dirt and impurities from the body and skin alike.
  • Illite Clay: Illite Clay has extraordinary absorbent properties which make it great for absorbing any excess grime, oil, dirt and toxins from the skin. It helps enhance blood circulation in the body which means more blood is available for the skin making it appear alive and rosy. With additional properties of exfoliating skin, this ingredient is just what you need.
  • Kaolin Clay: has similar properties of absorbing any oil or stale sebum from the skin leaving it clear and clean. The skin doesn’t appear oily or as if there is a layer of thick sebum on it.

Alitura Clay Mask Acne

Moreover, this clay mask has the remarkable properties of Betonite clay which helps to rid the body of any toxins from the pores in skin. Alitura Clay Mask acne reduction process is good for anyone of you suffering from acne, this ingredient is the best solution for this problem as it removes acne marks and reduced redness of the skin. It is great against the healing of skin which means it prevents the skin from falling victim to dullness by exfoliating the skin and helping the formation of new skin cells.

Clay Mask Side Effects 

The best part about this product is that it is free of any harmful chemicals. It only has totally natural products which makes it free of any side effects. It is also not exposed to any high temperature. Thus, the purity is conserved.

Final Verdict 

Keeping all these benefits in consideration along with the fact that Alitura Skin mask is filled to brim with wholesome and nutritious vitamins and minerals. It is priced at just $59. This mask needs to be made in water or apple cider vinegar to give you the glowing skin that would be the envy of everyone around you. You should never compromise when the matter is about your skin. This is why, this mask is ideal for everyone.

Alitura Clay Mask
Alitura Clay Mask
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